Expediting articles on COVID-19

Fast track available for COVID-19 articles, We will get back with an preliminary decision approximately in a week. In this grave circumstances, it is very important that we work with our authors, editors, reviewers  to fast-track research articles  that could help for research into COVID-19 (  epidemiological study, basic science research, vaccine & treatment studies, clinical experiences like retrospective studies, case series, case reports and perspectives of different specialists) . We also encourage articles with perspectives and recommendations targeting general population (Example: Neuropsychiatric manifestations in general population and psychiatric patients during a lock down - A Psychiatrist Perspective).  

AJMNS will work hard to get maximum visibility of the data presented on a broad platform like social media and our own website as soon as possible. 

We will try our best to waive the article processing charges for any COVID-19 related articles. 

Any author submitting a COVID-19 paper can e-mail to  tmrao1987@gmail.com or  dr.srikanth83@gmail.com for any updates about their article after submission.